Clean Up Awareness

Not enough can be said, written or physically performed by residents, business and property owners to clean up the North End now that the winter is finally past and spring is on the way.

Last week’s snow is, hopefully, the final winter reminder to us that spring is just about here.

The sun’s rays are growing stronger. The cold is subsiding. Even our heaters aren’t on as much.

Now comes the annual effort to clean our streets.

The streets have been made dirty by the winter – and it was a tough winter so the streets and sidewalks are dirtier than they were last year at this time.

We urge residents to pay close attention to the North End Residents’ Association Clean Streets initiative.

The NWRA is raising clean-up awareness for a vigorous program  that calls for placing brooms, dustpans and trash receptacles on Hanover Street for the purpose of encouraging residents , businessmen and even tourists to take the time to clean-up the sidewalks and curbs.

The campaign is being called, “Spazzare!”

For the last two week’s The North End Regional Review called attention to Spazzare.

The Boston Department of Public Works is also on board.

City Councillor Sal LaMattina said last week that programs like these can do so much good in raising attention to the annual clean-up.

And he is right.

Everyone must do his or her bit to keep this neighborhood clean.

More importantly, everyone must do their bit to sweep away the winter’s detritus and to make this neighborhood sparkling clean for the spring and summer months.

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