DeFilippo Playground Improvements Meeting to be Held

-By Phil Orlandella

Depicted is the Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s proposal for a new wall on Snow Hill Street part of DeFilippo Playground. Residents reportedly have approved the plans and the contractor will begin construction this spring.

A long awaited community meeting to discuss and plan for the renovations of DeFilippo Playground which abuts Prince and Snow Hill Streets has been scheduled by the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, and will take place at 6:30p.m. at the Nazzaro Center on Wednesday, February 9.

Numerous residents and the NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee have been calling for a meeting with the city to discuss plans to rehabilitate the playground including, new lighting, a new tot lot and drainage problems.

Residents have also expressed concerns about trash pick-up, dog owners picking up after their pets and undesirables hanging out in the playground.

Some residents claim there is a rodent problem in the playground due to trash and dog droppings that are piling up in the playground.

The City has held several meetings to plan for the construction of a new wall on Snow Hill Street that residents seem to like and support.

Funding for the new wall and the playground improvements are funded through the City of Boston Capital Budget.

The City is looking for interested community residents to help determine how the playground will look in the future.

At the first meeting site analysis will be presented and a list of desirable features will be developed.

Representatives from Crosby, Schlessinger and Smallridge will join city officials, to give a brief presentation of the project scope and existing site conditions. Following the briefing, community residents can offer input regarding the material presented, the design process and construction time frame once a final plan has been developed.

Boston City Council Vice President Sal LaMattina has shown an interest in improving the popular and well used playground and plans to be involved with the process from beginning to end.

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