Survey Says…North End Flowing with Liquor Licenses

-By Phil Orlandella

North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association has released a survey tracking the number of alcohol licenses in the neighborhood as of January 18, 2011.

The survey indicated there are 31 C.V. 7-day full liquor licenses, 41 C.V. 7-day beer, wine and cordials licenses and 18 C.V. 7-day beer and wine licenses, a total of 90.

The survey showed there are four retail package full liquor licenses and seven retail package beer and wine license holders.

License closure times range from 11pm to 2am according to the survey.

The fee for a beer and wine license issued by the Licensing Board for the City of Boston is about $1,000. The cost for a full liquor license is about $2,500.

Holders of these licenses can sell them to others subject to approval of the Licensing Board and the State Alcohol Beverage Control Commission.

Usually these requests find their way to the NEWRA and the NEWNC for support.

Reportedly, some beer and wine licenses with cordials have sold for up to $100,000 each, and full liquor licenses have apparently sold for up to $400,000, respectfully. Location, hours of operation and other factors are considered in the final price.

While NEWNC takes each request individually, NEWRA has a standing policy of a 12 midnight closing hour.

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