Corner Cafe receives Good Neighbor Award

Shown (l to r) committee member Paul Nelson, Richy Loungo Café owner and committee member Janet Gilardi in front of the Corner Cafe.

By Phil Orlandella

Richy “Shy” Loungo, owner of Corner Cafe on Salem Street was recently presented the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association’s Clean Streets Committee “Good Neighbor” Award.

The monthly award is presented to a business and/or resident that continuously helps to keep the neighborhood clean by removing debris and clutter from the sidewalk and curb in front of their place of business or residence.

“Richy Loungo or one of his employees can be spotted cleaning the sidewalk and curb on a daily basis,” committee member Janet Gilardi said. “At times Richy is out there power washing the sidewalk as well.”

“Being part of a community is helping to keep it clean,” the North End resident said. “My family lives here and has an obligation to participate in neighborhood endeavors like clean streets,” Loungo added.

Loungo thanked the committee for the recognition and promised “to keep up the cleaning effort.”

Clean Streets has a nominating committee that suggests award winners to the full committee who votes on a monthly winner.

The award is geared toward promoting clean streets by recognizing those who help keep the neighborhood clutter free.

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