Parks and Open Spaces Committee targets Gasy as number 1 priority

-By Phil Orlandella

NEWRA Parks and Open Spaces Committee at last week’s monthly meeting announced its number one goal for 2011 is the rehabilitation of DeFillippo Playground (Gasy) on Prince and Snow Hill Streets.

Beside the City’s commitment to repair the Snow Hill Street wall which is a potential public safety problem, the committee would like to promote more neighborhood involvement into any plans or proposals to improve the playground from the beginning.

Committee members told the Review that playground abutters and numerous neighborhood agencies are looking for more usage of the facility and more enforcement of public safety.

Lighting improvements, drainage problem repairs, trash removal, enforcement regarding pet owners picking-up after their dogs, public drinking and noise problems are concerns as well.

The committee plans to discuss the playground issues and plans at its next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 11 at 7pm at the Nazzaro Community Center.

The committee encourages local residents, especially abutters and users to participate in the discussion of potential plans for the playground proposed by the Parks Department.

Representatives from local schools and other agencies that utilize the playground for events and activities are expected to attend.

The committee also plans to invite local elected officials to attend and help develop a format and support this neighborhood endeavor.

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