To the victors go the spoils

Representative Aaron Michlewitz and State Senator Anthony Petruccelli scored solid victories in their respective re-election bids.

The North End voted overwhelmingly for both incumbents.

The North End voted this way for these two because, frankly, they are everywhere all the time, and are accessible and answer all requests and calls.

But the leadership they have shown during their time in office speaks well of them.

Senator Petruccelli has become well known as the go to man in the senate if and when the senate needs to communicate with the governor.

With the governor’s victory last week, Petruccelli’s stock has risen as he and a few of his closest allies and colleagues in government went with the governor full force early on and will certainly reap the value of such loyalty with the re-elected governor.

Michlewitz has tried to fill the shoes of his predecessor, former Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi.

During his time in office, DiMasi became one of the most powerful men in the state – and so when Michlewitz took over where DiMasi left off, he did so humbly and with intelligence.

Petruccelli is a studious senator, an intelligent and thoughtful guy who understands how to get legislation passed and how to best serve the people in his district.

Michlewitz is coming up under present Speaker Robert DeLeo, another great friend of the North End. DeLeo has been considerate of Michlewitz as the young guy coming up.

Both their Election Day victories mark their rise in power and it marks as well the continuation of North End leadership that is heard not only at Boston City Hall but at the State House, as well.

We congratulate Senator Petruccelli on his victory – and by the way – his margin of victory was someplace north of 70%.

We urge him to continue paying close attention to all his friends and supporters in the North End and for Representative Michlewitz to do the same.

We are lucky to have such smart, honest young men representing the North End.

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