Craigie Drawbridge construction starts Nov. 6

Representatives from MassDOT were recently in the North End advising of construction plans and potential traffic impacts relating to the Craigie Drawbridge Rehabilitation Project scheduled to start in early November 2010.

Project Manager Basttir Madamidola, MassDOT representative John Romano, Boston Transportation Al Vilar and Nicole Leo of the Mayor’s Office were available at the Nazzaro Community Center to address questions relating to construction start and completion, and travel routes established during the project phases.

Part of the Governor’s $3 billion accelerated bridge program, geared toward restoring and repairing structurally deficient bridges across the state, the drawbridge will undergo a major overhaul.

"Work on the drawbridge includes the complete replacement of the bridge structure and bridge deck, as well as the machinery and electrical components," Romano told the Review.

During construction temporary bridge structures will be utilized to carry traffic. The drawbridge currently carries traffic on McGrath O’Brien Highway (Rte 28) between Land Boulevard in Cambridge and Leverett Circle in Boston.

Starting November 6, 2010 through April 11, 2011 the contractor will start a 24-7 rapid replacement of the drawbridge as required by United States Coast Guard permit.

"The replacement will take place in three phases," according to Romano.

Phase 1-Contractor will install temporary bridges over the existing bridge.

Phase 2-Contractor will demolish the existing bridge and make repairs to the bridge structure.

Phase 3-Contractor will install a new pre-fabricated bridge.

The work will be staged primarily from barges beneath the bridge and at times cranes will be used to move larger materials and pre-fabricated sections.

Traffic routes will be established and changed during each phase of the $42.8 million project under contract with JF White of Framingham.

The drawbridge built in 1910 currently carries an average of 45,000 vehicles daily.

"Full bike and pedestrian access in each direction will be maintained during construction," Romano said.

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