Consistency…route to rodent control

Just when it appeared that some headway was being made in the race to control the rodent problem in the North End/Waterfront community, another rat appearance took place.

Returning home from shopping, life-long North End resident, Janet Gilardi informed the Review that a large size rodent ran under a parked car in front of her house and scared her to death.

She described the cousin of a squirrel, as very large, black rat that was munching away into her neighbor’s white garbage bag.

"After a little while went by, I walked over to the bag, looked around where I spotted the rodent and found the bag ripped open into little tiny pieces," Gilardi said.

Gilardi claims she reported the up-close and personal rat sighting to the Mayor’s Hotline with no results, so she called a man named Pedro who has been taking care of this type of business in the area for some time.

Pedro was apparently out of town according to Gilardi but was informed that all the sewers and catch basins were empty.

"This means, while he was away no one baited these places, why?"

She noted, "Only a continuous effort by the City will result in the removal of these rats that are plaguing the neighborhood."

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