The endless summer

Saturday the temperature hovered in the mid-80’s.

It was so hot some people felt uncomfortable, so uncomfortable they wished it was already fall.

Talk about thesis and anti-thesis.

Sunday was warm again and then late in the day, the air lost its warmth, open windows came down, long sleeve shirts came out, and many people prepared to put away their shorts.

Monday it was cool and rainy, more cool than rainy, but the handwriting is on the wall, so to speak

The heat we’ve been experiencing, the dying gasps of a summer that expired almost one month ago, have been playing with our heads.

The weatherman is predicting more warmth after the rain ends Tuesday and so it is back to unreality.

One month from now, unless Global Warming causes the fall to disappear, these warm days we have been experiencing will be long gone.

One month from now, we will be about seven days from re-electing Governor Deval Patrick to another term or sending his opponent Charlie Baker to take over his office on Beacon Hill.

The Republicans will be cruising into a great sweep-out or the Democrats will be able to hold on.

One month from now the legions of tourists crowding into our neighborhoods will slim down to battalion size.

The outdoor eating venues will go into hibernation.

The grass will lose its green luster. The trees will bare themselves of their leaves.

Everything that we enjoyed outside will go inside – and so our collective thinking will be changed as well.

One month from now our neighborhoods will be adorned with pumpkins and on the 31st, monsters of all kinds will roam the streets of our neighborhoods on Halloween.

Halloween has become a perfect metaphor for life in the city.

People dressed as monsters and ghouls pretending to be nasty mix with monsters and ghouls who stalk the innocent and the defenseless on our streets without the need of a costume.

By October 31st, we’ll be wishing for the heat of late September.

This is a bet even the worst handicappers cannot lose.

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