NEWRA Clean Streets Committee addresses many issues at meeting

As usual, NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee attracted many concerned residents to its monthly meeting despite a change of revenue due to Tuesday’s Primary Elections.

Discussions at the community meeting took on several topics including Code Enforcement, year round Mechanical Street Cleaning, several progress reports and the selection of the committee’s Good Neighbor Recognition Award.

Many residents claimed that in general, things are improving in the areas of rodent control, cleaner streets, use of trash barrels and getting the message out regarding trash rules and regulations.

Committee co-chair Naomi Paul noted, "The key to proper trash placement is Code Enforcement." She advised residents to continue to send in information regarding trash violation to

"It’s important that we make sure that a record is kept and elected and city officials are constantly advised," Naomi said.

One serious complaint was registered regarding trash placement on Salutation Street.

Reportedly, Hanover Street tenants are putting their trash on the sidewalk which is about three feet wide. Allegedly a landlord has instructed them to do so.

In addition, several vehicles are continuously parking their vehicles on the very small one-way street that has no parking on either side, creating a public safety problem as fire equipment can’t get through.

There was some heated discussion relating to Department of Public Works potential plan to implement Mechanic Street Cleaning year round. While there appeared to be some indication of support for this suggestion, basically there was more opposition.

DPW plans to hold a series of public community meetings if they decide to implement a year round plan.

Residents did complain that the bottle pickers are still creating a problem opening bags and leaving debris on sidewalks and streets. Many residents felt that if there was no financial gain, this situation will resolve itself quickly.

The committee plans to consult with Rep. Michlewitz and Sen. Anthony Petruccelli to discuss the issue.

The committee did select its recipient of its Good Neighbor Recognition Award for September 2010.

The award is presented to a business and/or resident that has continuously cleans the sidewalk and curbs in front of their place of business or residency.

The September recipient is Anthony’s Restaurant on Commercial Street.

The next NEWRA Clean Streets Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19 at 7pm at the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street. All residents are welcome to attend.

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