Hazmat trucking routes study underway

NEWRA President Mark Paul advised residents at the group’s recent monthly meeting that there is an ongoing campaign to prevent hazardous cargo vehicles from passing through any North End street.

Until a final decision can be made by the Federal Government based on a technical study to evaluate routes for these trucks, access is available on both Cross and Commercial Streets.

Commissioned by the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) in accordance with Federal Guidelines, the study has been discussed at several neighborhood meetings including a NEWNC Public Safety Committee special meeting which was well attended by concerned citizens and local elected officials.

The study is due to be completed and submitted to the City and State this month, August 2010.

Both NEWRA and NEWNC along with many residents and local elected officials, have clearly expressed their public safety concerns and oppose any hazmat trucking passing through the neighborhood.

Cross Street and Commercial Street have many public spaces and numerous residential units prompting opposition.

Paul noted that NEWRA is closely monitoring the issue along with other neighborhood groups and residents and they are currently prepared to act accordingly when the time comes.

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