Mayor shows strength with his view prevailing

A developer hoping to place a casino in South Boston along the waterfront was told last week, point blank, by Mayor Menino that such a project and development would never have a chance of being built there as long as he was the mayor – no matter what.

This type of unequivocal treatment of a major developer by the mayor because the developer’s plan didn’t fit the mayor’s perceived protocol for the South Boston waterfront is exactly what has lead to the mayor being in office for so long and with such great success.

The mayor’s unambiguous nature, his ability to do the stuff of raw command without fear of taking lumps for it, and his tendency to stick to his guns on matters of importance to him, is where his power base lies. In fact, this is the stuff that makes a few mayors, governors, and senators stronger than their office might suggest.

Regrettably today there are few such people serving in public office, ergo, voters have largely lost faith in their elected public officials.

Not so in Boston where Mayor Menino carries on forcefully keeping to his fundamental beliefs of what goes exactly where in the new Boston unfolding before our eyes.

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