His Best Foot Forward – Dr. Campo celebrates his 20th anniversary at North End Foot Center

By Cary Shuman

Dr. Frank Campo is a great role model for young people everywhere. If you work hard each day and do well in school, you can attain your dream.

After excelling as a student at Christopher Columbus High School in the North End and Northeastern University, Campo left the area to attend the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.

Upon completing his medical residency in New York City, the newly minted Dr. Frank Campo returned to his roots and purchased the house at 260 North Street.

Twenty years ago this week Campo opened his podiatric practice in the heart of the neighborhood he has loved since childhood. He is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his successful practice this week.

He displayed an aptitude for the sciences at Northeastern. “I always wanted to be a physician,” said Campo. “There were a couple of orthopedic doctors who used to lecture at Northeastern and they told me how podiatry has changed and it is the new route of orthopedics and you have to go to medical school and do surgeries on one specific spot of the body. I thought it was a great idea.”

Campo provides medical and surgical treatment of the foot. He treats fractures and sprains of the foot (and its 28 bones), and does diabetic foot care and sports medicine He performs foot surgeries at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton. Campo said surgical procedures, medical equipment, and orthotics have become far more advanced in the past two decades.

Patients from the North End and throughout the area come to Campo’s office for medical care. Why has his medical practice been so popular for the past 20 years?

“It’s our wonderful personality,” he said with a big smile. “It’s a very homey atmosphere and my two secretaries (Claudria Perez and Barbara D’Ambrosio) are wonderful.”

Perez and D’Ambrosio hold the doctor in high esteem, admiring his professionalism and the individual attention he shows to each patient.

“He’s a wonderful doctor, very caring, and takes wonderful care of his patients,” says Perez.

“Dr. Campo is a good man and very caring person,” said D’Ambrosio. “He’s very professional and treats everybody like family.”

Campo’s home and medical office hold a special place in his heart, a symbol of the work ethic and the Sicilian heritage that he acquired from his parents, Frank and Jean.

“My father and his brothers worked down the market on the pushcarts and this was their warehouse where they used to store all their pushcarts for the fruits and vegetables,” said Campo.

His brother, Pasquale, continues the family tradition at the market. His sister, Nanette, is director of outpatient services for the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Program, while another sister, Gina, is associate vice chancellor of the University of Massachusetts/Boston alumni and fundraising department.

Reflecting on his 20 years in the field of podiatric medicine, Dr. Campo said he’s enjoyed his work, especially the part of the practice where he helps people feel better and prevents foot problems.

“It’s been very gratifying,” said Campo, a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Massachusetts Podiatric Medical Association. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m very happy with my job.”

Paying tribute to the North End’s many outstanding restaurants within walking distance of his office, Campo said, “This is a great place to practice. You never go hungry.”

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