NEWRA Supports Sail Loft Outdoor Dining

A request by Sail Loft, 80 Atlantic Avenue on the Waterfront for a permanent outdoor dining permit was supported by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at the community group’s March 9 public monthly meeting at the Nazzaro Community Center. The request allows Sail Boston to set up tables and chairs for dining on the sidewalk next to the business without affecting any parking or obstruction of any bike lanes. The Mayor’s Office of Economics Opportunity and Inclusion (OEOI) which manages outdoor dining on sidewalks and private property needs to approve the Sail Loft proposal. NEWRA also supported a request by Bencotto Restaurant, 357-361 Hanover Street (formally Fiore’s) to increase the new eatery’s seating capacity from 49 to 60 patrons, an additional 11 seats, requiring no construction

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