Community Groups Claim 700-Foot Tower a Real Project

While there is clearly no letter of intent filed with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), two local community groups are claiming a developer is proposing a 700-foot-high skyscraper within the triangle of Causeway, North Washington and Medford Streets according to North End Waterfront Residents Association (NEWRA) member Dave Kubiak. The proposal, currently the site of 251 Causeway Street, 100 and 126 North Washington Street in Keaney Square, the entrance to the North End and West End from the North Washington Street Bridge according to the West End Civic Association (WECA) and  (NEWRA) that claims this is a real proposal that started in 2022. Back then, the group claims that developer RMR Group met with BPDA, the Downtown North Association and others and discussed the possibility of this proposal and last month the developer met with District 8 Boston City Counselor Kenzie Bok as well. Since then, NEWRA and WECA have requested information relating to the proposal from BPDA Director Arthur Jemison and have met with Councillor Gabriela Coletta expressing their concerns. WECA and NEWRA contend the project will create more traffic in Keaney Square, a more dangerous pedestrian crossway for schoolchildren, tourists and residents. They also claim there will be more shadows over the neighborhood, waterfront parks and recreational facilities. The project would set a precedent for future height development along North Washington Street, placing a towel where there are new historic brick buildings and green scapes according to the two community groups. The project will cause degradation of the historic Bulfinch Triangle.

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