NEWNC Supports New Atlantic Avenue Coffee Shop/Café

By Phil Orlandella

North End Attorney William Ferullo (left) and Steve DeAngelis expanded plans for a new Atlantic Avenue Coffe Shop/Cafe'.

North End Attorney William Ferullo (left) and Steve DeAngelis
expanded plans for a new Atlantic Avenue Coffe Shop/Cafe’.

Two requests involving zoning relief and a change of occupancy were supported by the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) at the elected community group’s October monthly meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

Mark Blagden, owner of 17R Clark Street (Walsh Place), is seeking zoning relief to place six HVAC condensers (36” x 36”) on the roof of the building which is a six-unit complex. The owner was represented by North End Attorney William Ferullo. NEWNC voted 6-1 in favor.

NEWNC voted unanimously to support a request by Steve DeAngelis, owner of the Golden Goose Market to open a Coffee Shop/Café at 65 Atlantic Ave. The request is a change of occupancy from real estate office/bank and restaurant to include take-out.

The new business will serve breakfast, lunch and other kinds of food seven days a week, including holidays from 6am to 8pm. DeAngelis was also represented by North End Attorney William Ferullo.

Both applicants attended abutters meeting coordinated by Maria Lanza of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services. She reported there was no opposition to either proposal.

Proponents and opponent representatives from different groups were invited to present their point of views on Question 2: Charter School Expansion that will be on the November 8 ballot. No vote was taken. Informational presentation only.

Frank O’Brien of the Boston Public Works Department was the guest speaker as part of NEWNC’s Community Chat.

O’Brien related the city’s policies on trash and recycling and took suggestions from the membership on how, through changes, could be made to improve the system. Currently, the city has two-years left on their trash and recycling program, so they can’t be changed, he advised.

He noted that all the requests would be directed to the proper departments for possible inclusion in the next budget bid in two-years.

Members told O’Brien that the recycling program (which is up 17 percent in the North End) needs to be looked at. Residents claimed the pick-ups are getting later and later. O’Brien said he would relay the message to City Hall.

Another issue discussed was the trash pickers and the mess they leave after rumbling through the bins. O’Brien said, “That’s a police issue and its most likely not on their priority list.”

He did however note that the trash company sometimes picks up the trash left by the pickers.

Irene McSweeney, Director of Construction for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) updated the Council and other residents on the progress of the organization’s Phase II project to make needed improvements in the North End.

Twelve local streets will be worked on to replace sewers and drainage systems, water mains and the rehabilitation of trenches.

This is the second of three planned phases that will run until November 2018 with the work being done from 8am to 4pm.

BWSC will make public all notices of the construction to residents and the business community.

The next NEWNC meeting will be held on Monday, November 10 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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