Governor’s Economic Plan Heading Down the Right Track

The State’s economic development plan laying the foundation for Governor Charlie Baker’s administration legislative initiatives have the Governor’s John Hancock.

“This economic development plan is an important statement of our administration’s priorities and values,” Baker said in a statement.

The plan which received unanimous backing of the Economic Development Planning Council was put together with business groups, economic experts, meetings with the legislatures and feedback gathered during visits to 110 cities and towns during 2015, according to the administration.

Also in a statement, the Governor noted, “It (the plan) creates a framework for connecting residents across the state to economic opportunity and for unlocking new business growth by pressing Massachusetts competitive advantage on a number of fronts.”

Certainly, the state needs to create new business growth and opening up opportunities for new blood.

The Governor’s plan to move forward with potential economic development appears to have been placed on the right track.

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