Throwback Old North Fashion Show


To celebrate Boston Fashion Week, the Old North Foundation is throwing back so far that we’re starting on Wednesday, September 30 for a fashion show unlike any you’ve ever seen. Thirty reenactors will walk the runway showing the clothing and uniforms of the men, women, and children of The Revolutionary War. British regulars and Continental soldiers, ball gowns and riding habits, sailors and farmers, and everything in between! See 240 year-old fashions outside of museums and on real-life models. With commentary from experts in Revolutionary Period textiles, participants will learn about the materials, construction, design, and functionality of the garments on display, and be encouraged to notice and be inspired by details that are still used in fashion today. Old North will collaborate with experts in the field of 18th century tailoring. This is an official Boston Fashion Week event.   The show will be held outdoors, in the Bigelow Courtyard, and begins at 6:00pm.

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  1. Old North
    September 22, 2015 at 9:48 am

    Thank you, North End Regional Review! Tickets are still available here:

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