Dumpster on Salem/Hull Streets Poses Problem

A dumpster place that 176-176A Salem Street and Hull Street Court, just a few yards from the Old North Church, on the Freedom Trail, has created a rodent problem and other issues according to a resident that abuts the building being gutted.

Dumpster shown with no cover and no chute is visible for removing material during the gutting of the building.

Besides the alleged rodent problem, other concerns have been raised including:

• Dropping material from the building without a shout.

• The dumpster doesn’t have a cover.

• Workers, residents and people passing by our tossing food and their trash in the dumpster.

• Worried if hazmat or lead material has been put in the dumpster.

• Dust and debris on the street, sidewalk and private property.

The resident told the Review she called 311, but they didn’t understand her and told her to call 911.

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