North End Restaurants Suing Mayor Wu Over Outdoor Dining

As expected, several North End restaurant owners are suing Boston Mayor Michelle Wu over her decision to postpone street outdoor dining in the area, claiming it discriminates against white Italians. The group claims the new policy is unfair and not inclusive by specifically targeting restaurants in the North End. Restaurant owners say the rules in the North End have been more restrictive than in any other part of Boston Last year, the group filed suit over the $7,500 permit fees levied by the city and currently they are angry that they will not be allowed to have street outdoor dining on North End streets. “The policy isn’t discriminatory and is instead citing safety concerns including congestion in the North End,” Mayor Wu reportedly said. Mayor Wu has announced the formation of a task force to study outdoor dining in Boston. One resident opposed to street outdoor dining said, “When the mayor supported outdoor dining for the past several years, despite heavy opposition, she was discriminating then.”

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