Cross Street Hotel Suit Filed

It was a busy North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) July monthly meeting held at the Nazzaro Center.

Mary Beth Sweeney, a local resident discussed the suit filed opposing the Cross Street Hotel.

She noted, “it was clear that a growing coalition of residents believe that the Cross Street Hotel project is not the right fit for the North End.”

She added, “We have an unfinished public process and significant neighborhood opposition that has many of us asking why and how this project is moving forward.”

Sweeney said, “We can’t afford to keep quiet and risk the North End becoming another seaport.”

NEWRA, before the Boston Planning and Development Association approved hotel plans, send a letter of opposition.

Chair of the Cutillo Park Committee advise they receive an update from the Department of Boston Public Works in June and have not received any more information regarding renovations of the park.

“We did reach out to them prior to the NEWRA meeting with no results,” Kirsten Hoffman said. She also advised, “Trash along Morton Street is still a significant issue.”

Apparently, the City of Boston has signed an agreement that permits a few Salem Street restaurants to store trash and grease on Morton Street.

“Neither the city nor the restaurants take responsibility for keeping the area clean,” Hoffman said.

NEWRA, following discussion on a proposed 700-foot development on North Street between Causeway and Medford Streets advised that a letter has already been sent to the Boston Planning and Development Association questioning zoning, height, density of the project.

Ryan Meadows owner of unit 2 of the three-story building’s two condominiums canceled his attendance at the NEWRA meeting.

He has a revised plan involving the replacement of the attic with a full third floor and addition of a past show 4th floor with steps-out roof deck. Proposed height is 46 feet.

The next NEWRA meeting will be held on Thursday, August 11at 7 p.m.

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