RUFF Gains Support/Contractor Selected

By Phil Orlandella

Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff) held a successful event at Crudo to gain support for the new dog park coming to DeFilippo Park (Gassy).

Many non-dog owners attended the fun filled event and were pleased with the updated plans that were available at the events.

Ruff also announced that a contractor, Turf Prep, was selected out of five bids to do the work in the new dog park.

The company specializes in synthetic turf with experience installing K 9 grass in other dog parks.

Ruff was especially happy that the selection was given the highest importance to the group to have a green space for dogs.

With the experience Turf Prep brings to the table and the design details from Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Ruff and the City of Boston are excited and confident that all the hard work will pay off.

Once construction begins, the park should be close no longer than three weeks.

Ruff advised that the water is on and to remember to fill the logic gallon jugs in the park but everyone to share.

Rules posted at the gate clearly state that there should be no more than three dogs to a handler in the park. Apparently, handlers have been spotted with five or more dogs in the park at one time.

This puts dogs at risk as well as making it harder for the handler to keep up with the dog waste and behavior according to Ruff which is working with Animal Control to curb this issue.

Ruff noted, Animal Control will fine the dog walker and keep track of the dogs when this occurs.

Construction of the park should start late June or early July.

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