ISD Board Defers 173 Endicott Street Development

Plans to construct a 51’ high building (9 units of condominiums) at 173 Endicott Street were deferred to May 23 by the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) Board of Directors at a public meeting held on Tuesday, March 18.

173 Endicott Street proposed building.

173 Endicott Street proposed building.

Plans call for four indoor parking spaces within the structure, with other vehicles utilizing street parking and two private roof decks.

At the request of some residents, the developer, Urban Core Development, did make suggestions changes, downsizing the height of the building from 55’ to 51’making the bay windows smaller and changed the parking plans.

Opponents feel the project is to massive for the site in it would affect sunlight, air flow and reviews in the area.

The site of construction is a parking lot with a Floor Area Ratio of 3.0 with the new building FAR raised to 4.60.

            The project, according to the developer, will take 14 months to complete. They are working out the least intrusive plan for the community with the City of Boston if the project moves forward.

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