Neighborhood Endeavor Saves North End Nursing Home

Neighborhood power, combined with the backing of elected officials, has potentially saved the North End Nursing Home on Fulton Street, that was founded 34 years ago.

Spearheaded by Elaine Wilson and numerous other residents strived to have a nursing home in their neighborhood and made it happen.

Once it was known the Spalding Rehabilitation was about to sell the facility and move its residents elsewhere, a community campaign to stop the closure quickly formed and they were joined by elected officials who represent the North End.

North, the Post Gazette and the Regional Review quickly joined the neighborhood endeavor to stop the closure. Both NEWRA and NEWNC were also part of the quest.

Residents worked extremely hard on the endeavor to make sure the neighborhood retained its nursing home under any circumstances.

Save Our North End Nursing Home signage and posters were displayed throughout the community. A demonstration took place at Columbus Park and several community meetings were held on the subject.

“It was truly a successful neighborhood campaign that resulted in a positive ending,” one resident said.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Senator Joe Boncore, Representative Aaron Michlewitz and City Councilor Sal LaMattina stood by the community’s goal to save the nursing home.

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