Lewis Wharf Development Still has Waves

Residents holding “no hotel” signs gathered on Lewis Wharf, the proposed site of a 277-Key Hotel, by developers JW Capital Partners.

The project would encompass 392,000 square feet and a developer’s plan to build a new pier and dock at the wharf.

Residents turned out to support the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) ruling last September stating that “pilings and pier field adjacent to the hotel could not be built on, as the pilings are washed over just about every high tide.

As of this writing, the developer’s intentions have not been made public.

If the decision of the DEP is not successfully appealed, the proposal would have to go back to the drawing board for design and development requirements based on DEP’s formal decision.

Opposition to the original plan came from the Save Our North End Waterfront group of residents, who filed the petition with nearly 1,200 signatures and managed to recruit support from Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Senator Joe Boncore and City Counselor Sal Lamattina.

            An appeal or possible law-suit are two of the developer’s options. Working things out with residents and the City of Boston is another avenue that could be taken. The third option would be not to develop the current proposal.

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