District A1 Part One Crime Down Two Percent in North End

By Phil Orlandella

 District A1 Boston Police Commanding Officer William Fong reported a two percent drop in Part One crimes in the area, however, North End residents felt that the response by police from 911 calls were poor.

They noted that dispatches tell them they are too busy with other more important calls and were told to call back. In addition, residents claim, when police respond it’s a two hour wait, sometimes more.

Captain Fong explained that police are mandated to respond to more serious crime, it’s a priority.

Residents call for more police patrol in the community. Captain Fong explained that five more offices have been assigned to the district and that the North End is one of very few neighborhoods that has a walking patrolmen.

During the feasts, large groups congregated on the perimeter area. Up to 150 to 200 kids were apparently drinking and became a nuisance according to residents.

Police confirmed that they did respond and dispersed the large groups and made an arrest. However, Captain Fong reported that within the feast there were very little problems, mostly minor ones.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina personally witnessed the large groups and agreed they were disruptive but did notice police response to the situation. He also agreed that additional police are needed in the North End community and the other neighborhoods in the city.

Councilor LaMattina did, however praised the captain and his command for the great job they do in the district on a regular basis.

In his report Captain Fong noted that there were four arrests in the month of August including trespassing, disorderly, OUI and the setting up of an in legal lemonade (?) stand on Prince and Salem Streets.

The crime statistics in August compared to last August were considerably down. The biggest change was larceny down from 10 to 2. percent

The next Public Safety monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, October 6 at 6pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

Comments on Public Safety meeting from Sean Hennessey, Public Safety Committee, North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council,”The Public Safety Committee meetings are a valuable opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the department operates in the North End Waterfront area. Every week Captain William Fong, and Officer Boyle of Boston Police attend along with Sgt. Ye from Suffolk University Police.

They are attentive and listen to  any problems and concerns people may have. I’ve seen residents alert police to problem areas or disturbances one week and thank police the next because of the department’s quick action. I’ve also seen residents complain about recurring problems and hear police explain what they’ve done so far and what they’ll do in the future in hopes of rectifying things. While Boston Police may not have all the answers, they have most of them.

Most importantly, in attending these meetings, you’ll see that officers are invested, they’re trying their best, and they’re listening to us, and that’s all you can really ask.

“Along with learning about the monthly crime statistics in the area, one can also glean insight into the approach police are taking in keeping the North End/Waterfront area a safe and attractive place to live. These meetings are a great place to get the pulse of what’s happening with neighborhood crime and public safety, and engage with the very department sworn to protect and serve us. I’d encourage anyone who’s curious to stop on by and give the meeting a chance – you might like what you see.”

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