By Phil Orlandella

Boston Police agree to wear Body Cameras

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) willingness to be a part of a program to wear body cameras during a six-month pilot while on active duty clearly indicates that they are interested in tackling new initiatives to possibly make a difference on disputed issues that are being raised about some arrest allegations.

Boston Police do a commendable job making the city safe for residents and visitors. They play a significant role working with neighborhoods throughout the city including the North End/Waterfront where crime has been consistently lower than any other community in Boston.

Their Public Safety community meetings, and many other neighborhood events, have made for a solid neighborhood relationship with residents and the business community.

Making this commitment to wear body cameras is clearly proof that the Boston Police are willing to attempt to make things better.

BPPA should be commended for their action to at least give the pilot program a chance.

North End Public Safety Meeting

Boston Police, District A1, will hold a Public Safety meeting in the Nazzaro Community Center on Thursday, August 4 at 6pm.

Residents and the business community will have the opportunity to discuss issues and make suggestions firsthand with the District Commander Ken Fong and his community relations staff.

The community should take advantage of the opportunity to be involved with the safety and welfare of the neighborhood.

The Public Safety Committee meets the first Thursday of every month at the Center.

Barbara Maldero raises pennies for unborn children

Raising funds for unborn children, pennies at a time, is no easy task by no means.

Doing it for ten years is an even tougher task to say the least, however, it has been accomplished by North End resident Barbara Maldero who has been recognized and honored for her dedicated effort.

Believe it or not, the ink on the checks sent overseas wasn’t even dry, when Barbara began her eleventh year endeavor to raise “Pennies from Heaven” to support this worthwhile cause.

NEMPAC Summer Concerts entertain large crowds

Christopher Columbus Park was the site of this year’s North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) free summer concerts in the park that entertained hundreds of people during the spectacular community series.

Besides the concerts, other activities included a kids tent, face painting, readings and craft activities.

Throughout the summer participants enjoyed the breeze off the harbor, great music, dancing and the beautiful park. Some attendees held picnics as well.

NEMPAC, like it always does, coordinated a fantastic series of concerts and other activities for the neighborhood and visitors to enjoy.


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