Nursing Home Issue At A Standstill

By Phil Orlandella

A steering committee is still moving forward in an attempt to preserve the North End Nursing Home on Fulton Street from being closed down and the occupants being moved to other facilities.

Residents still remain positive that their endeavor will be fruitful in one way or another.

The community group has broken up in several sub-committees researching all the policies and avenues relating to retaining a nursing home in their neighborhood.

One member of the committee told the Review that “The decision may fall into the hands of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) that can prevent the sale of the facility unless it is used as a nursing home.”

This has not been confirmed, however, it would not prevent Partners from moving out of the building and without a committed new nursing home business taking over, the tenants would have to be moved.

            Currently, the issue is at a standstill.

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