Save The North End Nursing Home Main Topic At NEWRA Meeting

By Phil Orlandella

There were no voting items on the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

However, there was an update on the status of the North End Nursing Home located on Fulton Street, as well as a discussion on plans to develop Hanover, Cross and Salem Streets, a traffic study and the potential development on Lewis Wharf.

A manageable steering committee with sub-committees to deal with the hottest topic in the community, the potential closing of the North End Nursing on Fulton Street, and/or the relocation of seniors to other homes, is being formed, according to Jason Aluia one of the many residents taking on the issue.

Working with local elected officials, their staff and the Mayor’s Office, the group will attempt to get something accomplished to save the Nursing Home from a dire outcome.

Sub- committees will possibly consist of legal, zoning, petitions and publicity and possibly others.

“Organizing in this manner will make it easier to obtain facts that will help our endeavor, which also can include a march,” Aluia noted.

NEWRA President Ford Cavallari said, “Thus far we have no clear information regarding Partners or Spalding’s intentions.” He also presented a letter from NEWRA pointing out several reasons that will protect the closure of this facility.

NEWRA members in attendance expressed their adamant opposition to the deed holder’s plans.

While some petitions of opposition have been delivered to the appropriate elected officials and the Massachusetts Public Health Department, other signatures are being solicited, and the letters are being sent as well.

“One of the ideas the Committee will look into is the possibility of another business or organization to take over and run the Nursing Home,” according to Aluia.

Each day, more and more residents and local organizations appear to be joining the cause… Save the North End Nursing Home.

Karen Johnson of AICP Charter Realty and Development Corporation presented an outline of their proposed project to demolish the existing structure on Cross, Salem and Hanover Streets.

Plans call for replacing the current space with up to four ground level commercial spaces with unknown companies.

This is a nine-month project and AICP will work with the necessary agencies on traffic and parking issues.

Although the project does not require Zoning Relief, NEWRA asked AICP if they would return to the community for at least one more public meeting to discuss and work out the nuts and bolts of the project. They agreed.

            NEWRA reported that a North End Traffic Study is underway and that there was nothing to report on the status of the Lewis Wharf project and they are not prepared to comment until more information is available.

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