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A New Garbage Dump in the North End

While it has been several months and more since I have put pen to paper I have seen some rather disturbing sites which have compelled me to dig my trusty old keyboard out of mothballs and share some thoughts with my fellow readers of “The Review”.

At the corner of Cooper and North Washington Streets there is a small grassy area that runs over the highway and has traffic on both sides. In spite of all the traffic, cars and trucks this little space has always seemed relatively calm. The neighbors pick up the papers, soda cans and such and the city has done a good job keeping the grass from overwhelming such a small area..

What do people say, that  all good things must come to an end?

Well, so it has come to pass on the little corner. Half eaten meals, soiled food wrappings, empty soda cans and liquor bottles. Unwashed paper plates, filthy dirty clothing and my absolute fave – a blanket covered in human waste. We live in such a pretty spot, so much history of our country around us, so much family and tradition. Just when I have found what I consider a place where I can be happy, where I finally feel at home, this!

I’ll do my part to keep this negative influence from spreading any further than it has. Who will join me?

Mad As Hell


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