By Phil Orlandella

Senator Boncore makes a wise choice

Newly elected State Senator Joseph Boncore has named North End resident Luigi Natale to his staff as a neighborhood liaison.

Natale, a young and aggressive person has been involved with many community events and activities on a volunteer basis, especially with the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) baseball program.

Working with Luigi on neighborhood and legislative issues will be an experience that should benefit the neighborhood and the Senator as well.

Luigi has always expressed his desire to make the community a better place to live.

Here’s his chance.

Dog Park renovations expected to begin Spring 2017

It now appears that the renovations of the second and third levels of DeFilippo Park located between Prince and Snow Hill Streets into a dog recreational facility will most likely take place during the spring of 2017.

While the dog park will not resolve the entire canine carelessness problem, it is a great start towards improving the nasty situation.

While the city post signs, Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff) has posted flyers, conducted meetings, produced a newsletter, there are still those who don’t give a damn and continue to let their dogs run amuck and don’t pick up after their pets.

They obviously know the rules but because there are no violations consistently being issued the problem continues.

However, the park is open and residents should start using it more.

Maria Lanza is doing an outstanding job

During the shot time North End resident Maria Lanza has been with the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, she has exemplified exactly what a city liaison should be.

She is extremely active in neighborhood events and activities. Her communication skills are outstanding, informational knowledge is always on target and she returns phone calls promptly.

She attends every community meeting as possible, conducts abutters meetings, organizes neighborhood events and much more.

Maria is a credit to her family, friends, neighbors and the community.

Keep up the great work.

Michlewitz sponsors great baseball classic

For the seventh consecutive year the North2South Baseball Classic sponsored by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz has been a success.

The two-game series was played by 12-year-olds or under. All Star teams from the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) and the South End baseball program has become a real challenge for both communities, maybe a tradition.

            Through the Representative’s effort, players and their families have made friends with people from another community and at the same time played some great baseball.

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