Levend Bagelry Opens at the Boston Public Market

Levend Bagelry, a maker of organic hand shaped sourdough bagels, has opened at the Boston
Public Market. The bakery will sell a variety of bagels, bagel sandwiches, and pizza bagels baked in an
oven inside the Market.

“The Boston Public Market provides the perfect opportunity for us to remedy the dearth of great bagels in
Boston while collaborating with other vendors who share our vision of local and organic sourcing,” said Alex Jong, owner of Levend Bagelry. “We are wildly excited to join this unique community and begin serving up crackling bagels,
sandwiches, and pizza bagels straight from the oven.”

Levend Bagelry starts with their unique sourdough culture and sources the highest quality local and
organic ingredients to create their own distinctive version of a New York style bagel. After an overnight cold-fermentation, their bagels are boiled and covered in their favorite toppings before heading to the oven to realize their full potential. Under a crackling crust awaits a flavorful interior that strikes the perfect balance of a chewy, but not too dense and not too fluffy

After years of dreaming, testing recipes, and extensive sampling of breads and baked goods around
the world, Levend Bagelry began producing bagels in August 2015 at a local culinary incubator. You can follow them on Facebook (facebook.com/levendbagelry), Twitter (@levendbagelry), and Instagram (@levendbagelry).

“We’re excited to welcome Levend Bagelry to the Boston Public Market this summer and introduce customers to their incredible bagels,” said Cheryl Cronin, CEO of the Boston Public Market. “It’s especially great to welcome another vendor who is establishing their first ever permanent retail space at the Boston Public Market. Supporting food entrepreneurs like Alex is a critical part of our

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