North Square/Washington Street Bridge Additional Funding Included in Fiscal 2017 City Budget

By Phil Orlandella

In response to residents needs identified through Boston 311 and Go Boston 2030, Mayor Martin Walsh has increased the city’s Fiscal 2017 budget to deliver more basic services, including two major projects in the North End.

North Square and the North Washington Street Bridge have been scheduled for capital improvements and design plans are underway.

Several neighborhood public meetings have been held relating to both projects and others will be held to gather additional opinions and eventually obtain final design approval.

Capital budget increases the city’s street resurfacing and sidewalk repairs program nearly $4million and bridge repair by over $6million according to City Hall officials.

“Through engaging with our residents, we know the importance of providing dependable basic services,” the Mayor noted in a press release. “The additional funding will allow us to build providing the highest quality of basic services and create cleaner, safer streets for our neighbors.”

More accessible sidewalk for pedestrians, smoother roads for drivers and cyclists will be generated by the budget increases.

As part of his budget proposal the Mayor noted Boston 311 will reach even more residents by adding translators for six different languages starting in FY 17.

The launch off 311 last year has allowed the city to better understand what residents want and allow employees to quickly respond to requests and resolve issues.

Go Boston 2030, a comprehensive transportation planning, has revealed that one of the top priorities among residents is the delivery of basic services.

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