Three North End Legal Occupancy Changes Requested

By Phil Orlandella

Three meetings were held by the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services relating to two request regarding legal occupancy changes in the North End.

Maria Lanza, Liaison for Neighborhood Services conducted the meeting at which abutters have the opportunity to express opinions on the applications.

A legal change of legal occupancy at 290 North Street from a single family residential dwelling and bed and breakfast to a four family residential dwelling was discussed.

A legal occupancy change at 27 Sheafe Street from a five- family residential dwelling to an eight-family residential dwelling to make modifications to existing head house and erect a new roof deck for exclusively for one unit was the topic.

A legal occupancy change at 2 Snelling Place from a three family dwelling to a two-family residential dwelling seeking to extend the first floor living space into the basement and erect a one-story addition to existing property was discussed.

Buildings will not exceed 55 feet in height and will be fully equipped with sprinklers.

In addition, an abutters meeting was held to extend the first floor living space into apartment of the basement at 20 Moon Street.

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