Clearing up School Lot Parking Problems Will Only Work with Enforcement

A parking plan to balance the needs of school staff as well as parents has been devised by the City of Boston Public Schools (BPS) and it’s about time.

For too long the Charter Street lot has been filled to the brim with residential parking not only taking up needed spaces but creating a serious fire public safety problem. There is no way fire fighters or their equipment can enter the rear area of many of the houses adjacent to the lot.

BPS will attempt to provide easy access to staff and parents and plan to work to accommodate residents with off-street parking whenever possible.

The plan calls for no off-street parking during snowstorms, during school hours of operation or the use of the lot for afterschool activities evening or weekend activities.

Plans call for ample signage indicating prohibited parking spaces and contact information for towing companies.

For years Charter Street has been tied up when parents are attempting to pick up or drop off their children at the Eliot School. Vehicles are even parked on the sidewalk adjacent to the school creating a public safety problem. The Commercial Street school is experiencing similar problems.

            The new policy will help clean up these problems only if enforced.

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