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Property owners need to make repairs

Dear Editor,

There has been a problem that I would like to discuss with whomever will listen.

What can be done when property owners do not keep up with repairs to their property, namely one problem I’ve noticed is the faulty drain pipes and down spouts.

 In the summer the leaks pour on folks passing by in the winter, the water from their roofs continuously drain onto people’s heads, baby carriages and shopping carts.

If that isn’t bad enough, then it gets cold, the sidewalks are impassable  this becomes a severe hazard for everyone.  Sometimes,  the ice that eventually forms on top is deadly.

Not only is this a problem, but in many cases the leaks tend to drop on other people’s property.

Now, when there are complaints of falls, law suits arising, the innocent party gets the citation. Shouldn’t these repairs get taken care of in the warmer months of the year?

The way some land owners take the responsibility to prepare in advance for these winter situations, so should the others. Can’t always blame absentee landlords what about condo-associations or co-ops?


Janet Gilardi

North End

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