MassDOT Responds to Fulton Street Tunnel Noise Issues

Numerous North End residents turned out for a Callahan Tunnel Trench Noise Remediation meeting with MassDOT and other local city and state representatives.

The topic was loud noise created after the tunnel renovations were completed.

Those that attended the meeting with MassDOT felt it was a productive discussion with potential solutions to the problem.

Three means to resolve the noise problem were: Fill the trench with a foam to absorb the sound but let the trench drain the water, install acoustical tile ceilings to absorb the sound or install a cover over the tunnel.

Reportedly, Walter Heller, MassDOT Highway Director agreed to use an egg-create like foam inside the trench to absorb the sound but allow drainage as well.

Apparently, he will send a sample of the foam product in a week or two to Fulton Court with installation to be complete in one or two months or by February.

In non-noise related items, residents told Heller that the sidewalks on both sides of Richmond Street were not being shoveled in the winter. He stated “The state has an agreement with the City of Boston” and “will find out where the disconnect is and remedy the problem,” according to those at the meeting.

He also told residents that the state will be cleaning up the deteriorating fences on both sides of the street and the results will be esthetically pleasing.

In March, the work will be reevaluated to see if the noise and drainage of the trench are both adequately fixed.

If the water drainage is not adequate, MassDOT will try removing some of the foam on the ends of the trench to improve drainage.

If the noise level is not reduced substantially MassDOT will reevaluate other more complex ideas.

Residents will be advised of the reevaluation once completed.

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