Boston’s Vision Zero Action Plan Ready to Go

A plan that outlines the City of Boston’s commitment to providing safer streets is off the drawing board and set to go as soon as possible.

The Action Plan focuses on four core areas, implementing street design changes, tackling the issue of distraction and impaired driving.

Highlights of the major plan include:

  • Emphasis will be placed on implementing design changes to lower speeds and create safer street crossings. These changes will be incorporated directly into the blueprints for the construction/reconstruction of neighborhood streets.
  • City of Boston officials will advocate at the state level to lower Boston’s default speed limit.
  • Option to reduce the incidents of distracted and impaired driving will be explored.
  • Data will be used to identify streets and intersections that need improvement.
  • “Rapid Implemen-tation” changes will be made in the short term, and long-term changes will also be pursued.
  • The location of crashes that take place on Boston’s streets will be posted on the project website with information being updated monthly.

The plan also outlines a commitment to work toward preventing serious crashes and eliminating traffic-related fatalities which are reportedly a leading cause of death in Boston.

“Our Vision Zero Action Plan outlines a thoughtful strategy to improve roadway safety and put the City of Boston on track towards eliminating all traffic-related fatalities on our streets,” said Mayor Martin J. Walsh in a press release. “Ensuring the safety of all of our residents and visitors is a top priority and it is important that we continue to make strides in creating better and safer streets across our city.”

Police Commissioner William Evans supported the Mayor’s plan noting “Too often we see tragic results of crashes which could have been avoided. We are committed to making city streets as safe as possible for all pedestrians, motorist and cyclist,” said Evans in a press release.

The plan clearly identifies where collisions are most likely to occur and will use the information to put the plan in place.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina whose district includes the North End said ” The Action Plan will help the city determined how to make streets safer for both drivers and pedestrians.”

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