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Something has to be done

Dear Editor,

I do vehemently agree that something must be done to deal with the problem of prescription pain killer abuse. One death is far too many, let alone the much higher number quoted in the article I read.

Unfortunately while limiting the amount of pills allowed in a new prescription, I believe the 72 hours suggested, would help.

The problem is so multi faceted that this would be barely scratching the surface of this deadly situation. More has to be done.

There must also be cooperation with pharmacies, both community and hospital based.  Careful policies and dispensing procedures need to be developed to avoid  confusion and errors at all phases of prescribing.

DEA must give cooperation to make sure  their laws on receiving, recording and storage of these kinds of medicines are strictly followed at the pharmacy, and pharmacy personnel at all levels must be carefully in serviced on all of the changes, as well as policies already in place to insure a safe and effective transition and success in combatting this devastating plague that effects us all.

Families are ripped to pieces by drug abuse of every type, parents are mourning the loss of their beloved children young and adult, and we have to do something to change this.

I simply feel that it be understood that it is a matter of changing current policies but also implementing ways to make treatment available and after care as well.

Emmy Mahfood

Local Resident

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