By Phil Orlandella

Pride Day: A don’t miss community event

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) has put together what appears to be another fun filled and entertaining community event-North End Family Pride Day scheduled for Saturday, September 16 from 12 noon until 4 PM.

Held at Langone Park on Commercial Street, Pride Day will feature many things to do for those who attend including a free BBQ, a bocce tournament, live entertainment and other things to do for the kids.

This is one of the best community events held in the North End. It’s a don’t miss event.

Nazzaro Center the place to be

Once the Mirabella Pool season ends, it’s back to the Nazzaro Community Center for more neighborhood programs, activities, events and the famous Small Fry Basketball Program which gets filled up very quickly.

The Center also offers a few ski trips, field trips and many other things to do on a regular basis.

Local residents flocked to the Center to have fun, take in the many programs offered and basically enjoy themselves.

The Nazzaro Community Center is definitely the place to be.

A successful season at the Pool

It was another successful Mirabella Pool season. Hundreds of pool goers found their way this summer to the very popular community facility.

There were no problems of any kind during the pool season and every participant enjoyed themselves at the summer’s busiest North End location.

Once again, as usual, the Mirabella Pool staff did an outstanding job making the pool a safe, clean and fun place to be.

Ameno gets the job done

Both the Mirabella Pool and the Nazzaro Community Center our special places in the North End neighborhood, due to the dedication of staff and the unbelievable hard work of Director Carl Ameno who takes on double duty managing the popular and well used facilities, in a professional manner without any major problems.

Carl is one of the best… if not the best…. in managing community facilities and making things happen in a positive way for the enjoyment of the neighborhood.

He puts in more time and energy into his job with positive results every time.

Maria Lanza a true-blue North Ender

There are a lot of North End residents that do outstanding jobs servicing the neighborhoods in many ways.

One of those residents is Maria Lanza who was born and raised in the small neighborhood. She has a first-hand experience of the community’s issues both good and bad.

Currently, a Community Liaison for the City of Boston Neighborhood Services Department. Maria always puts her best foot forward when it comes to the neighborhood, responding in a timely fashion with things of interest pertaining to residents’ complaints and needs.

            Maria is a true-blue North Ender who really cares.

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