Silence Has No Echo

The current drug use and sales in the North End are no secret to residents and the business community.

Yet, not too many of them have stood tall when it comes to helping District A1 Boston Police act on the drug issues which are without question the major contributors to neighborhood crimes of all kinds.

More anonymous phone calls would help Boston Police deal with the North End issue to keep the neighborhood drug free.

It takes more than a few people to shake the apple out of the tree. The neighborhood has to step to the plate to turn this nasty situation around for the better. These culprits need to be taken off the streets.

Just take a good look on community streets and see how many people look like bobbleheads swinging up and down the street speaking in Tongues.

Let’s help please handle this outrageous problem that creates robberies, home and vehicle break-ins, assaults and many other crimes relating to drugs. A simple phone call can help render the situation.

Silence has no echo.

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