Passacantilli: On Tuesday, I Humbly Ask for Your Vote

Election Day is one week away.  These past seven months have been exciting, exhausting, and inspiring.  I grew up in the North End on Hanover Street, and to this day, I live in the same building where I grew up.  To have earned the friendship and support of so many of my neighbors means the world to me.

The North End is such a special place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.  There’s no other place like it in Boston or the rest of the world.  This community has been there for me in good times and in bad.  Whether you’ve lived here for 5 months, 5 years, or 5 generations, it’s welcoming and it’s home.

I am so proud of the strong grassroots campaign we’ve run in each and every neighborhood, on every street, housing development, apartment complex, and elderly home.  This is a campaign about getting things done for the community.  From ensuring that every child has access to a seat at a great school in their neighborhood, to making sure that trash is picked up, potholes filled, and streets repaired, this job is about working for you.

My wife and I are raising our two kids here, I’ve been active in local neighborhood organizations and charities, and I want to make sure that every resident has access to the best possible quality of life, responsive local government, and a real voice in decision making in the neighborhood.  There is no one that will work harder for you.

So on Tuesday, November 7th, I respectfully ask for your vote.  Polls are open from 7am-8pm, and you can call (857) 283-9512 if you need a ride to the polls.  Most importantly, thank you for being my neighbor and for making this community such an incredible place to live.


Stephen Passacantilli

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