By Phil Orlandella

North End Girls reunion a smash

The annual Girl Friends of the North End Reunion was a great night out for current and former North Enders.

Everyone had a terrific time during the popular and well attended gala that attracted close to 200 attendees.

The attendees had their fair share of gossip and war stories about growing up in the North End.

What happened at the reunion stays at the reunion.

Successful and safe parade

This year’s Christopher Columbus Day Parade was much better than expected. The Committee worked closely with the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department to produce a quality and safe parade.

Marching bands, floats, military units, fire apparatus, celebrities and candidates running for elected office participated in the parade.

Next year’s Columbus Day activities will take place on the other side of the tunnel, in East Boston.

A good education   is imperative

Putting an end (if possible) to absenteeism or the dropout rate in Boston Public Schools (BPS) is a real challenge that requires solid action and much attention to be fruitful.

Having a good education is imperative to be successful in today’s fast-moving world of technology and competition.

Staying in school is imperative and everything possible should be done to ensure the students of how important it is to remain in high school and college.

This message should be preached as much as possible in the household, churches, community organizations, the business community, sports programs, by celebrities, professional sports and the school system. Everywhere possible.

Putting an end to absenteeism or dropping out of school is a real challenge but it’s something that needs a continuous effort to be successful.

Students are the future of the City’s well-being, so everyone needs to do their part to make sure they are going to school each day and getting the education needed to be successful.

Have a safe and   fun Halloween

Halloween is approaching faster than a witch on a supra-charge broomstick. That’s fast!

It’s a time for trick or treating and kids dressed up in all kinds of costumes seeking goodies throughout the neighborhood or at local Halloween parties being held.

Halloween is a fun time for kids and their parents in many ways as long as there is adult supervision at all times.

Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?

Organizations host Halloween events

Several Halloween activities were held in the North End by neighborhood organizations that were fully enjoyed by children and their parents, keeping the spooky tradition alive and well, at least in the North End.

Providing parties and/or parades were: Madonna Della Cava Society, Nazzaro Community Center, North End Library, North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) and Boston Community Collaborative.

Blessing of the Animals-heavenly

The Old North Church recently held a Blessing of the Animals in Paul Revere Mall (Prado) with all the howling, barking and other animal sounds generated by the special event were blessed.

Neighborhood pet owners showed up in force to have the animals blessed. The pets were well behaved and enjoyed the company.

This is an annual community events conducted by the Church.

Councilor LaMattina will be missed

Since he took office as the District 1 Boston City Councilor, Councilor Sal LaMattina could always be counted on to do the right thing for his constituency, which included the North End/Waterfront neighborhood.

His actions were always louder than his words. He made good things happen and bad things go away.

District 1 is certainly a better place thanks to LaMattina’s outstanding attention that he gave to the neighborhood’s needs as a full-time elected official with the know-how of how to get things accomplished in an effective and positive manner.

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