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My point of view

On June 13, 2013 the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council had their monthly meeting. At the end of the meeting it was a total disaster and a disappointment to the remaining council members that stood in shock. As for myself I am totally embarrassed by the behavior of these two (2) council members that called for a vote after the meeting was over and leave residents somewhat confused to what is happening.  Shame on the two members!  It was totally uncalled for according to our by-laws. We sat for one hour during the executive session and not once had these two members brought up a discussion to whether or not we should vote on the vacant seat on our council.  I have been a member of the NEWNC for many years and I have never seen this kind of behavior unprofessional.

One member replied if you don’t take a vote I will get off the board, my reply please, do so get off the board.  When you were elected to the NEWNC your first thought was to represent the residents, your personal or business interest comes last.  I would call their act in mature and ask both of you to resign. As you noticed I have not mentioned any names as you already know who you are? We work so hard to have residents attend our meetings and we put aside our personal interest to each issue that is on the agenda to be professional and understanding and then we have, two council members that act up like children because they have a personal interest to the open seat on the council.  Shame on the two of you for your outburst.  You not only embarrassed yourselves but also the entire council members.  Looking forward to our next meeting!!!!!

Marie C. Simboli