NEWRA/WECA Seeks Answers on Boston Garden Project

A letter of concern relating to the Boston Garden Project Final Environmental Impact Report has been sent to Secretary Richard K. Sullivan, Jr. by two community groups claiming their comments on the report have not been addressed or allayed by the environmental impact assessments presented in the DEIR and the current FEIR.

The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) and the West End Civic Association (WECA) letter, dated March 7, 2014, claims many inadequacies exist in the developer’s environmental assessments,  DEIR and FEIR demonstrate that the project’s size and attendant infrastructure demands cannot be accommodated by the existing downtown infrastructure.

“With no plans proposed for significant infrastructure capacity improvements, the project will have serious impacts,” according to the letter signed by the president of both groups.

The organizations are concerned with public transit, traffic, infrastructure-wastewater, infrastructure-gas system, public benefits determination and MEPA Review.

The six page letter was also sent to the City and State elected officials, related units and the BRA.

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