Local Elected Officials Howling over RUFF

Local elected officials like the formation of RUFF (Responsible Urbanites For Fido). The group of dog owners (72) have caught the attention of many residents for their positive efforts to work together with the neighborhood to lesson and/or resolve any issues relating to dogs.

The new group is made up of all licensed dog owners that reside in the North End and their numbers are growing every day.

“This is a long time in the making,” Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina said. “Having an active and concerned group like RUFF can only benefit the community.”

“RUFF is a very welcomed neighborhood group that is trying to do the right thing as responsible dog owners,” said Senator Anthony Petrucelli. “The community needs to embrace RUFF and do anything possible to make it work. A much cleaner and healthier neighborhood is possible by supporting this caring group of residents,” he added.

RUFF has already held a monthly meeting and a clean-up day. They have handed out brochures and posted signage asking dog owners to be good neighbors by abiding by the rules and regulations issues by the City of Boston.

“This is a first since I was elected to serve on the Boston City Council,” Councilor LaMattina said. “The group really has their act together and they want to be major players in the neighborhood,” he added.

All three elected officials offered their services to help make RUFF work in a neighborhood that has been hindered by some dog owners that don’t care and refuse to except the pick-up after your dog or the leash law.

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