Friends of North End Parks Formed

Described as Parcel 19, this is part of the proposed areas to be maintained.

A new group of residents calling themselves “Friends of the North End Parks” has formed to beautify and care for parks within the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

Reportedly, the Friends will be mainly concentrating on Parcels 8, 10 and 12 adjacent to the Greenway and the North End.

The group will register with the State as a non-profit agency and has already acquired a tax identification number and a P.O. Box number 130-326, Boston, MA.

The all volunteer group officers are Nathon Swain President, Diane Mustone-Hauser Treasurer and David Kubiak Secretary.

Apparently, the resident’s group is collaborating with political leaders and with the RFK Greenway Conservancy. They claim to have access to top horticulturalists and enthusiastic volunteers to create world class gardens.

Volunteers are being sought to help create beautiful gardens on three vacant parcels and on the Greenway. Volunteers will also be asked to help with maintenance, fundraising and community outreach.

The group is soliciting new members to attend Friends meetings and participate in their potential horticultural planning and planting.

Membership contributions are $10 for seniors, $25 for individuals, $45 for families and $100 for corporate sponsors. Voluntary contributions are accepted as well.

The Friends mailing address/contact is David Kubiak, Secretary, Friends of the North End Parks, P.O. Box 130326, Boston, MA 02113.

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