Prezza Closed for Repairs; Rapid BFD Saves Da

A one alarm fire as fires go is not a big thing.

But when the one alarm fire is on Fleet Street in the North End, the rough equivalent of the army, navy and air force is sent out to take care of the problem lest it should turn into something else entirely.

This is exactly what happened early Monday morning – at about 3 a.m. – at Prezza, where a fire in the duct work in the kitchen on the first floor spread to the second floor.

The first response by the Boston Fire Department took minutes and for a every minute thereafter, more and more apparatus and manpower materialized until the near entirety of Fleet Street was crowded with apparatus and firefighters.

We applaud the fast and professional work of the BFD in this instance.

Also applauding the fire department’s great work is the local Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce President Frank DePasquale said the BFD deserved great thanks for their quick response.

He said that Prezza is a staple of the neighborhood, a great restaurant that everyone loves and he praised its owner Anthony Caturano.

“Everyone in the restaurant business in this neighborhood is rallying around Anthony. He’s a great guy who has suffered a big loss. The Chamber membership will band together to help him out during his time of need. We want him to reopen as quickly as possible,” DePasquale said.

The rapid response saved the day but what really saved the day was the professionalism of the firefighters on the scene who had to identify the problem, attack it and put out the fire.

Fires in the North End of any kind are odious.

The potential for mayhem and death from fire is beyond what any of us can imagine – until it happens.

We thank the BFD, especially the great guys from the Hanover Street Station for doing what had to be done and for doing it so quickly and professionally.

This is what professional firefighting is all about.

Prezza closed down 

Prezza will now be closed for repairs for what is likely more than four or five months. The popular eatery will be redone as a result of the water damage, the fire damage and as a result of insurance making a rebuild a real possibility.

Several dozen employees are now out of work and for Fleet Street, this is a major loss.

Prezza owner and chief chef Anthony Caturano faces the daunting task of a near total rehabilitation of the restaurant.

Through a spokesperson, George Regan, Caturano thanked the neighborhood for its kind response during this difficult time.

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