NEWRA Amends Policy on Neighbor Notification

An amended North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) policy has been adopted by the community’s non-profit organization.

The new policy allows residents (especially abutters) affected by proposed zoning, licensing or construction ample time to review and the opportunity for input on things that directly pertain to the North End/Waterfront neighborhood.

The policy amended by NEWRA is not a City of Boston regulation and/or policy; it pertains to NEWRA’s bylaws only.

Impacts to the amended bylaws policy include: long-term and/or construction related noise, dust, shadow, light and view restrictions, sanitary/trash conditions and effects on traffic, pedestrian safety and parking.

The policy is as follows:

1. For the purposes of this policy, “neighbor” shall mean occupants (both tenants and owner-occupants), aswell as absentee-owners, property management companies and boards of trustees of:

a. Contiguous properties;

b. Properties across a street or alley from the proposed action and properties contiguous to those properties;

c. Any other properties determined by NEWRA to be potentially affectedby the proposed action;

Where the proposed action pertains only the interior changes to a residential building or the units therein, notificatineed be made only to contiguous properties.

2. The applicant shall notifyneighbors in writing via certifiemail or firstclass mail (USPS Certificateof Mailing must be provided) in advance of themeeting. Notification by leafleting is not acceptable.Personal contact with impacted neighbors is encouraged. Written notificatiomust include the following:

a. An explanationof the proposed action;

b. Information on how theneighbor can contact the applicant;

c. Notice that the matter shall be taken up by NEWRA for discussion and/or vote at the Zoning Licensing and Construction Committee (ZLC) meetingand the NEWRA Membership meetingat which the neighbor may present hisfher views;

d. The date, time and locations of the above NEWRA meetings;

e. Contact informationfor the designated NEWRA representative that the neighbor can contact withquestions or concerns regarding the proposed action.

The written notificatimust be distributed 14 calendar days prior to the ZLC meetingat which timetheapplicationwill be presented. Prior to NEWRA action on the request, the applicant must provide to NEWRA:

a. A copy of the written notice (or notices) given to neighbors, and

b. A list of theneighbors who have been notifiedand the method of delivery.

At a minimum, the list shall provide a street address and unit number for each neighbor.

Where applicable, explain why an address does not include a unit number.

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