Nazzaro Center Swim Meet Makes Waves

The Nazzaro Center held its annual swim meet on Thursday, Aug. 15, at the Mirabella Pool.  Even though it was rescheduled several times this season, the fun and laughter soared right on.  In spite of the weather being a little on the chilly side, the children ages 4-15 appeared to have had a good time. 

Several lifeguards were on duty to help the children with the races and to support those who needed assistance. Parents were cheering everybody on and providing encouragement to complete the races. A watermelon was greased with  Vaseline, but only the few brave racers that made it to the end of the races without shivering were able to continue on and play the greased watermelon soccer game.

The highlight of the night was splitting up the kids into teams and dress up as lifeguards. Each team member needed to swim across the length of the pool wearing a lifeguard hat, shorts and t-shirt undress,  dress the person behind them swim across and so forth….It was so much fun to watch.

Parents and lifeguards were all helping the children put on the wet clothes. Many children lost either their shorts or T-shirt in the water due to the big size difference. To close out the night, Rocco’s donated pizza for all the children and families and ice cream was provided as well. 

On behalf of Steven Siciliano and Laurie D’Elia, the Center would like to thank Rocco’s for supporting our SwimMeet. We would also like to thank each and every lifeguard for doing such an amazing job this summer. Last but certainly not the least, a special big thank you to Rosana Pantaleo for going above and beyond for the Mirabella and the Nazzaro Center.  

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